Another #School4Rohingya

Another #School4Rohingya

January 17, 2020 0

Last year you met Halim. At the age of 12, he had been forced to flee his home in Myanmar. He was able to carry with him just one precious possession. He chose to carry his school books.

He carried his books miles through the mud to the border of Bangladesh. But once there he was left waiting a whole year for his education to begin and no organisation would help.

Thankfully you responded to the #HANDS4ROHINGYA crowdfunding appeal and donated so that the Rohingya could build their own school and also print their own school books.

Now one year later, the school has been doing well but it has grown. Lots of children were having to study outside. With funds raised from one of our supporters (big thanks to Dr Enam Haque for doing a sponsored run) we were recently able to help the Rohingya build another school.

Now this new school needs school books and blackboards. In addition, we would like to help them build toilets and a tube-well and also buy some school furniture.

With your help we can do this!

This is what your donation could buy:

– £5 will buy a Rohingya teacher a chair;

– £6 will buy a new set of school books for one child;

– £15 will buy a Rohingya made wooden study bench for four children to share;

– £20 will buy a Rohingya made wooden school table;

– £50 will buy a blackboard;

– £150 will build a toilet for the schools;

– £250 will dig a tube-well to provide drinking water for the schools.

Please donate if you are able and share this appeal with your friends. Thank you!