Buy Rohingya Made Furniture for Rohingya Home Classes

Buy Rohingya Made Furniture for Rohingya Home Classes

March 12, 2019 2

Thousands of Rohingya refugees living in the camps in Bangladesh struggle to get access to education. Now a motivated group of Rohingya young adults, with some teaching experience prior to fleeing Myanmar, have started an initiative to help educate their youth themselves.

They are voluntarily setting up classes, in their own homes, for a few hours study each evening. They are giving up their time and living space to support their youth with their education. Already you bought them school books and teaching resources for 120 children. Now will you help with furniture?

Here you can buy a Rohingya made wooden table for a Rohingya volunteer teacher, or you can buy a study bench which will help 4 children work more comfortably. This hand crafted wooden furniture is being made in the camps by a Rohingya refugee carpenter and profits from the sale of these items will help support a new carpentry workshop run by the refugees.

Donors will be emailed a photo of the furniture that they bought in the class that they supported. Please help if you can, to give this group of inspirational refugees the support they deserve with this home study initiative, and help support some Rohingya youth in furthering their own education. There is currently a need for 8 tables and 32 study benches. Thank you for your support.