Nojumu Fund Expenditure

In June 2018 launched an appeal to help Nojumu get access to treatment and you donated £686 which together with gift aid came to a total of £731. After transaction fees we were left with £704.12. This is how we have spent those funds to date:

Night carer fees (local labour): £115.73
Fixer fees (local labour):£92.32
Building of new hut:£87.67
Solar panel and fan: £66.36
Mattresses, pillows, table, stool and chair: £45.55
Gas stove: £37.42
Non TB medicines: £35.63
Nutrition: £34.71
Family allowance: £28.32
Cash transfer fees: £15.70
Transport to and from hospital: £12.40
Umbrella: £3.96
Drinking flask: £3.19
Phone calls: £1.84
Funeral costs: £54.76
Community meal to commemorate the passing of a person after 40 days: £55.94

Total Received: £704.12
Total Spent: £692.38
Amount Remaining 28th Sept 2018 (to be spent on Nojumu’s family): £11.73

We welcome your feedback, please email if you have any suggestions.