Rohingya Fixer Service For Visiting Camps in Bangladesh

Chakmakrul Rohingya refugee camp, Bangladesh. ©H4R
Chakmakrul Rohingya refugee camp, Bangladesh. ©H4R

Difficulties of Visiting the Rohingya Refugee Camps

Visiting the Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh can be fraught with difficulties for those without experience of working there.

Problems can arise with authorities if your team is not knowledgeable of the best diplomatic approach to use and permissions are not granted.

Outsiders are at risk of exploitation by unscrupulous people if not taken well care of.

Important facts often get lost in translation and what may seem like simple logistical issues can quickly become a nightmare without good local management.

Planning for a Successful Visit

If you are planning a visit to the Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh, be it for media reporting, humanitarian work, research, advocacy, or anything else, our close-knit team can help make your visit safer, smoother and more productive.

We can help coordinate your trips, better manage your projects and even help facilitate your aid distributions, big or small, with a package tailored to suit your requirements, that may include any of the following:

Services We Provide

  • Internal flight bookings from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar.
  • Meet and greet at airports (Dhaka and CXB).
  • Assistance through immigration and baggage collection.
  • Transport to hotel and around the camps.
  • Hotel booking with discounted rates.
  • Translator(s).
  • Fixer(s) both in and out of the Rohingya camps.
  • Assistance with research.
  • Tips on where to eat.
  • Quick access to healthcare should it become needed.
  • Filming and photography services if required.
  • Tips on where else to go, places to relax, beaches to visit.
Cox's Bazar Airport. ©H4R
Cox's Bazar Airport. ©H4R
Cox's Bazar Airport. ©H4R
Cox's Bazar Airport. ©H4R
Gundum Highway en-route to border with Myanmar. ©H4R
Gundum Highway en-route to border with Myanmar. ©H4R
Interviewing Rohingya camp residents, Kutupalong. ©H4R
Interviewing Rohingya camp residents, Kutupalong. ©H4R
Interviewing Rohingya camp residents, Taingkhali. ©H4R
Interviewing Rohingya camp residents, Taingkhali. ©H4R

Our Experience

Our team have a vast amount of experience between them, including work for the following:

  • ACF
  • Al Jazeera
  • Amnesty International
  • BBC
  • BHRN
  • BRAC
  • Burma Humanitarian Mission
  • CARE Bangladesh
  • CBS
  • Channel News Asia
  • CNN
  • Concern Worldwide Bangladesh
  • DEC
  • Dhaka Tribune
  • DW TV
  • Handicap International
  • Interfaith Coalition
  • MedGlobal
  • Medical Team International
  • NVC News
  • New York Times
  • Physicians for Human Rights
  • PPTV
  • Queen Mary University of
  • London
  • Red Crescent
  • Samaritan’s Purse
  • Save the Children
  • Sky News
  • Stateless Dignity Project
  • Technical Assistance Inc
  • Translators Without Borders
  • UNDP
  • Village Education Resource Center
  • WSJ


We are a group that have built up trusted relationships over time. In taking on the #HANDS4ROHINGYA fixer service, you will benefit not just from one fixer, but from the pool of knowledge of our entire team.  Our experience helps us to anticipate and avoid potential problems, but when problems do occur, we sort them out.

You can be assured if you use our service that we will help to organise your visit with professionalism, at the best market rates, saving you money, and helping boost your productivity. We will also be happy to advise on any aspect of your trip to ensure your personnel a memorable visit to Bangladesh.

Seaside Hotel in Cox's Bazar. ©H4R
Seaside Hotel in Cox's Bazar. ©H4R
#HANDS4ROHINGYA sewing project. ©H4R
#HANDS4ROHINGYA sewing project. ©H4R

Supporting our Charity Projects 

In addition, you can be satisfied that any profits we make from providing this service, after our Rohingya and Bangladeshi team members have received their fair pay, will go entirely into the funding our own charity work, which is overseen by volunteers, and is focused on helping the Rohingya move towards self-sufficiency.

Get in Touch

Please complete this form if you would like any more information, or would like to receive a quote for us to help facilitate your visit or project in the Rohingya camps in Bangladesh. Even if you don't require our assistance at the moment, we are always keen to hear what other people are working on. We will endeavour to get back to you within 12 hours:

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