Rohingya Lockdown Appeal

Rohingya Lockdown Appeal

June 26, 2020 Off

In March of this year, Rohingya refugees. like the rest of us, were face the threat of coronavirus. But unlike us, they are living in cramped shelters with little food and extremely limited access to healthcare. Development activities have been halted in the camps as organisations have had their access restricted and the price of food has increased.

We asked for your support to help 200 families with cash payments of 1,000 taka (approximately £10) which would help them buy fruit and vegetables for 1 month.

But you didn’t support 200 families. You supported 800!

Here’s an update.

The lockdown has been made especially difficult by three developments:

1. the suspension of 80 percent of NGO activity;

2. two large fires;

3. torrential rain and flooding.

For 36,000 people there was an additional factor making life difficult – a lockdown within a lockdown. These were people in sections of the camps where people tested positive.

Your donations not only helped people buy fresh vegetables and meat or fish but also helped people who were rendered homeless in the fire.

This has included:

+ Help for one particular woman with horrendous burns to her body.

+ Help for those people whose homes were destroyed or damaged by the fires.

+ Help for people affected by flood water.

+ Helping refugees to repair homes.

+ Helping them to buy clothes for their children.

NGO activity suspension has also meant that those Rohingya who were working as volunteers and getting paid a small amount of money now no longer have that income stream. Your donations have helped such families too.

Since the launch of this fund, your donations have enabled cash payments and support to 800 families.


But the needs are still huge and so many more people need help.

We are constantly being asked for help with the purchase of bamboo and plastic. Given the scarcity of NGO workers on the ground, the usual mechanisms for dealing with these requests are not there. The images here may give you an idea of the conditions which they are currently enduring.

Please help us to do more. Today we are launching our second lockdown appeal, please give generously if you are able.

Have a watch of the video to see what your £10 donation can provide for 1 family.