#Rohingya Mums-to-be Need Your Support
Rajuma, survivor of Tula Toli massacre. Photo by Shafiur Rahman.

#Rohingya Mums-to-be Need Your Support

July 10, 2018 Off

Rajuma is well known in the media. The story of her baby being thrown into fire and killed shocked the world.

But despite the impact of those reports, she is still left to give birth in terrible conditions and without basic amenities. We think this should change.

Rajuma is not alone. There are others, including Rashida and Hasina, both of whom have shared their terrible stories with the world. Rashida is about to give birth. Hasina recently gave birth to twins, one of whom died, a baby that might have survived if not born by the roadside in a Rohingya refugee camp in Bangladesh.

These women have been keen to earn income through work to support their families, and not be at the mercy of aid handouts. To that end, we have already provided sewing machines to two of the three so far, which has enabled them to start meeting their aspirations. With your help, we will also buy them cooking stoves, solar panels, and something for their new babies.

Their bravery in bearing witness requires our support. Please help us to give something back to these three women who have suffered so much. After hearing their stories, let’s show that we really do care.

 Target: £1000

Rajuma’s Story:


Rashida’s Story:

Rashida, survivor of Tula Toli massacre. Photo by Shafiur Rahman.


Hasina’s Story:

Hasina, survivor of Tula Toli massacre. Photo by Shafiur Rahman.




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