#School4Rohingya Now Open

#School4Rohingya Now Open

December 20, 2018 0

Halim, age 12, had to flee Myanmar. He was only able to bring one precious thing with him. He chose to bring his school books. He walked through the mud to the border with Bangladesh, carrying his books in the hope of continuing his studies.

One year later Halim still didn’t have a school and was still waiting for his education to begin. No organisation was answering their pleas for help to teach him and his friends.

Thankfully, you did listen, and with your donations we were able to buy this Rohingya community the building materials needed to build a school for 200 children.


They finished building their school in November 2018, when pressure was building for them to return to Myanmar. Halim and his friends had no idea what the future might bring, but the day before repatriation was due to start, they held an opening ceremony and celebration for their new school, with balloons and sweets for all the children, in the hope that they may restart their education. Thankfully the repatriation has now been postponed and the children are now delighted to commence their studies.

Opening of New School

We are thankful to Enam Haque who completed a sponsored run raising enough funds for us to have school books printed for all the children. Now we hope to continue assisting this new school, its teachers and children as they further their development.

With your help we have also seen a new home study group get up and running (more on this shortly) and are also overseeing the tutoring of a number of children who have lived through extremely traumatic experiences. Thank you for your continued support.