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Portraits by Shafiur Rahman

Tula Toli Fund

September 6, 2018 Off


The Tula Toli massacre was the worst massacre the world has seen in decades. Women were raped and then burnt in their homes. Children were mercilessly gunned down and hacked with machetes. Babies were snatched from their mothers’ arms and thrown into the river and onto fires.

Read the HRW report on the massacre here

Those who escaped trekked for days to reach safety, many with horrific injuries. In Bangladesh they struggled to build shelters and find enough food. Even now, those who survived this atrocity have been left with little help. We want to change this.

With your support we will help the survivors of Tula Toli, and their neighbours, with items and assistance to make their daily lives in the refugee camps a little less difficult, such as:

  • solar panels to power electric fans
  • gas stoves to avoid having to trek for firewood
  • additional nutrition for the malnourished
  • transport to hospital for emergency healthcare
  • daily support in helping people get access to services

There is so much we could do to help these people rebuild their lives, with your support. We’ve all heard their stories. To hear and do nothing, when we have a way to help, makes us part of the problem.

Already we have been helping a handful of the Tula Toli survivors. Please help us scale up our efforts. Thank you!

        Target: £1000


Funds donated here go directly to survivors to help with their daily needs. Every penny is accounted for, so if you would like to know exactly who receives your donation and for what purpose, please drop an email to tulatoli@hands4rohingya.com with the date and amount of your donation and we will email you an update on where your funds are spent as soon as they are distributed.

For more information on the Tula Toli massacre, including evidence regarding how it was preplanned, listen to Shafiur Rahman’s interview here and watch BBC Newsnight’s award winning report here.

The photos below show some of the assistance we have provided to the Tula Toli community so far.