Update on Nojumu Appeal

Update on Nojumu Appeal

July 9, 2018 0

We asked you to donate to help us take care of Nojumu, who was witness to the Tula Toli massacre and is very poorly with TB. Thanks to your generosity we raised over £700.

Here is an update on Nojumu’s progress so far:

  • We took Nojumu for urgent tests, with the help of staff at the MOAS hospital, which confirmed a serious case of TB.
  • After returning home, Nojumu was still very poorly so we had his medicines reviewed with help from the Malaysian Field Clinic.
  • We then took Nojumu to the ACF clinic for assistance with his nutritional needs, who referred him to MSF as an emergency case and they admitted him into their hospital.
  • We arranged for a carer to stay with Nojumu overnight in the MSF hospital.
  • We built Nojumu a new hut near to his wife and children, for when he returned home, so that he could be treated in isolation whilst he is contagious.
  • Nojumu started to respond to his treatment in the MSF hospital and grew stronger, so that he could stand and walk on his own again.
  • On 9th July Nojumu was discharged from hospital and went to spend the first night in his new hut.
  • We are now arranging to buy some additional household items to make Nojumu’s hut more comfortable.
  • We will be overseeing his nutritional needs and wellbeing during the next 6 month period, to give him the best change we can to help him return to health.

Thank-you for all your support, this wouldn’t have been possible without your donations. We will keep you updated on Nojumu’s progress.

Update 11th August 2018: After being readmitted to the MSF hospital a few days ago, Nojumu sadly died this morning. We would like to thank everyone who has supported this campaign, which has helped him in his last days receive the best care we could arrange under the restrictions, and let him know he was not forgotten. Any further donations received to his fund will be passed on to his wife and children.